17/08/08 (B461) Shabelle / Des forces de l’AMISON ont été attaquées près de l’aéroport de Mogadiscio alors qu’elles participaient à des opérations de déminage. Un soldat ougandais a été tué.. AMISOM troops come under attack in de-mine operation near airport (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

AMISOM peacekeeping troops have been attacked near the airport by armed groups as they were making De-mine operation there to dig out suspected roadside bomb near the airport eyewitnesses said.

Several hand grenades were thrown into the site the troops have been checking up where minutes lasted gunfire between the troops and the assailants erupted.

Eyewitnesses reported that they could be blood at the site the troops have been inspecting although it’s yet unknown the causalities of the two sides.

In the operation the troops have given orders the commuters to pass faraway from where they were staying.

In the last attack on the AU troops in Mogadishu a Ugandan AMISOM soldiers was killed in a roadside bomb near the airport as he was hollowing out a bomb that was suspected have been buried there.

An eyewitness said that the AMISOM soldiers have been conducting de-mine operation when the roadside bomb went off as the departed soldier was digging at a site that was suspected buried in bomb.

AMSIOM officials confirmed to Shabelle the death of the soldier.

“The fleshes of the dead soldier on the ground now, its scattered everywhere” eyewitness Yasin Mohamed said.

Another eyewitness Mohamed Ghelle says the bomb went off underneath of AMISOM convoy vehicles from the airport.

The AU currently has some 2,600 peacekeepers deployed in the lawless Horn of Africa nation, a contingent that falls far short of the 8,000 soldiers pledged by the continental body in 2006.

Uganda was the first country to contribute troops and Burundi dispatched its own forces earlier this year.