20/08/08 (B461-B) Communauté Afar de Suède. Communiqué de condoléances pour la disparition de Hajjia Kadiga Barkat, le 10 Août 2008


It is with deep sorrow and grief that we inform our members, supporters and the Afar mass in general, both at home and abroad, that the Afar community in
Scandinavia lost their source of inspiration Hajjia Kadiga Barkat who died at
the age of 80, on Sunday, 10 August 2008, in Stockholm, the capital city of
Sweden. Our loved mother Hajjia Kadiga was born in Laamassan and grew up
in Assab there she also got married to the late Al Haj Idriss Jaabir Kekya to
whom she gave birth to four children: Mariam, Eicha, Jaabir and Mohamed-

Al ayto’ Kadiiga that she also was called, was best known among her
acquaintances for her generosity and sincerity. She was greatly respected and
admired by the entire Afar Diaspora in Sweden.

The Afar Friends in Sweden would like to convey their deepest sympathy and
sincerest condolences to the children, grand children and immediate relatives, of
Hajjia Kadiga Barkat, living in Stockholm (Sweden), Jedda (Saudi Arabia),
Assab (Eritrea), Bure & Logya (Afar National Regional State in Ethiopia),
Djibouti (Republic of Djibouti).

May Allah the Almighty Put Her Soul in Eternal Peace.

Yalli yanna kadiigah addunyak tayse akheera yacaayiiy teetik raqe
ramadah imaan kee sabri yacaay.

Afar Friends in Sweden
Executive committee
Uppsala, 2008-08-14