28/08/08 (B462-B) Shabelle / Un officier de l’Armée somalienne échappe à l’attaque à la grenade de sa résidence à Mogadiscio / Somali army officer survives from islamists attack overnight (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Somali Islamists attacked the residence of the deputy commander of Dhankerley district in Mogadishu on Wednesday night, sparking fierce exchanges with government forces were guarding at the house, witnesses said.

Several propelled grenades landed in the compound of the commander whose name Ali Yare, who commands the police station of the district.

One of the shells also smashed into the houses especially his room.

No causalities from that attack were reported.

The police forces in that district have started to search in houses of the district this morning as the assailants escaped from the scene.

Civilians have borne the heaviest brunt of battles between Islamist fighters and the Ethiopian forces who invaded the Horn of Africa nation in late 2006, to help the government oust the Islamist movement controlling much of southern Somalia.

At least 6,000 have died in the past year alone.

The insurgents have resorted to guerrilla tactics against the Ethiopian and government forces as well as against African Union peacekeepers in the war-ravaged capital since their movement was ousted early last year.

Separate clashes between Islamist fighters and a local clan militia killed 100 more people and wounded 160 othersthe southern port town of Kismayo.

Somalia has lacked an effective government since the 1991 ouster of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre, sparking a deadly power struggle that has defied numerous bids to restore stability in the Horn of Africa nation.