07/09/08 (B464) Garowe On Line. Les islamistes somaliens installent l’administration municipale de Kismayo. Somalia’s Islamists appoint Kismayo administration. (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Somalia’s Islamist militia rulers in the southern port of Kismayo have appointed a district administration for the strategic town, Radio Garowe reported Saturday.

A seven-member administration was officially appointed, with the Islamic Courts and al Shabaab each retaining three seats.

According to a press statement by Sheikh Hassan Yakub, the district’s new information secretary, al Shabaab received the positions of Kismayo District Commissioner, Information Secretary and Police Chief.

The town’s Finance Secretary, the Head of Islamic Protocol and the Chief Justice were allocated to the Islamic Courts movement.

A seventh seat was « delegated » to clans that helped the Islamists’ war to oust warlord Barre Hirale from Kismayo last month, said Sheikh Yakub.

Clan elders who spoke with Radio Garowe on the condition of anonymity said they were « not consulted » during the naming process, but indicated no opposition to Kismayo’s new administration as long as security was guaranteed.

Meanwhile, al Shabaab fighters seized the district of Wanla Weyn in Lower Shabelle region without a fight on Saturday.

Witnesses said the government-appointed local administration fled towards Baidoa, the seat of the country’s interim parliament.