09/09/08 (B464-B) Shabelle / Le Président du GNT et le Premier Ministre installe une nouvelle administration à Mogadiscio, par décret. Somali Gov establishes new administration for Mogadishu (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Somali president and the prime minister have dissolved Mogadishu administration and appointed new administration that would replace the admin of Mohamed Omar Habab “Mohamed Dhere” who has been sacked by the premier in the last month.

A governmental verdict from the premier and the president’s offices has fired entire members of the previous administration including the mayor/governor Mohamed Osman Ali “Dhagahtur” to name new ones.

In the decree it has been mentioned that the replacement’s motivation came after consultation calls from Somali parliament.

They also said that a new permanent administration would be set up within 15 days.

The governor was appointed for Ibrahim Sheikh Mohyadin.

The spokesman of Somali government Abdi Haji Gobdon who read the decree for the press has stated that the names of the new members:-

Ibrahim Sheikh Mohyadin – Governor
Abdiqadir Walayo Mohamed – deputy governor
Hassan Mohamed Osman Haji – Member
Eng.Abdullahi Ali – Member
Mohamed Abdullahi Hamud – Member
Eng..Mohamed Jama Kulmiye – Member
Hussein Addow Ali – Member
Abdullahi Abdi Nor – Member
Sufi Mudey Ali – Member
Ali Mo,llin Nor – Member
Said Jama Ali – Member
Nuur Maxamed Xuseen – Member

The new administration members will maintain the work till permanent job till new administration is appointed.

The president of the transitional government Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed prime minister Nor Hassan Husein were a witness at the removal and appointing location also the former mayor Mohamed Dhere was at the site.