08/11/08 (B473) Shabelle. Les troupes alliées de la Somalie et de l’Ethiopie, lourdement armée, ont pris position dans les principales rues de Baïdoa où elles ont installé des postes de défense, y compris en creusant le sol. Troops block Baidoa streets (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Heavily armed Somali, Ethiopian troops have blocked main streets in the Southwestern town of Baidoa as reports say entire business sites closed.

Witnesses said Somali soldiers armed with assault rifles and mounted big guns cars were on foot patrol throughout the toll roads in Baidoa town alongside Ethiopian troops.

The joint soldiers have excavated bunkers on the street sides to patrol the important institution houses of the government including the presidential residence to prevent from insurgents attack those have earlier attacked the presidential convoys.

The residents of the blocked areas also say that they didn’t come out from the doors of their homes today since the troops prevent from going to the outside.

Deputy police commander of the town described the latest operation as “ security substantiation”

Civilian vehicles have been prevented from passing the streets in the town.

The troops also fired additional streets on the streets of the town.

The city is now calm and its yet unknown when the public services would be left go of.