29/01/09 (B483) Shabelle : les candidats à la Présidence somalienne mettent la denière touche à leurs programmes respectifs avant l’élection par le Parlement. // Presidential contenders to display their political agendas before the MPS

The Somali presidential candidates in Djibouti are going to display their political agendas before the newly inclusive parliamentarians of Somalia, officials told Shabelle radio on Thursday.

Reports from Djibouti say that the candidates are in their last preparation for the election and want to bring their profiles and political agendas before the legislatures in Djibouti to succeed the presidential election due to be held in Djibouti on Friday.

The two front runners, Nur Hassan Husein known as (Nur Adde), the prime minister of the transitional government and Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, the chairman of the Alliance for the Re-libration of Somali are supposed to come before the parliament and explain their agendas about the election on Thursday.

Both men have great support from the sides they are representing, the TFG and ARS in Djibouti and expected to face challenge for the post of the nation’s presidency.

There are other candidates including Mohamed Qanyare Afrah, a former warlord who was once the candidate of the TFG established in Kenya in 2004.

The presidential election committee named by the Somali parliament speaker Sheik Aden Mohamed Nur said they are too busy for the election and told reporters that each candidate will be given 5 minutes to address before the legislature.