30/01/09 (B483) APA : discussions bi-latérales entre l’Ethiopie et le Danemark au sujet de la sécurité en Somalie et sur les résultats des efforts pour ramener la paix. // Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Danish Foreign Affairs Minister Per Stig Moller held talks on Thursday on the current peace making efforts in Somalia.

The two officials agreed to enhance their cooperation on African security.

Meles told the Danish minister that ensuring lasting peace and stability in Somalia is crucial in preventing piracy along the coast of Somalia.

He said tackling the root causes of piracy, instability and lack of durable peace in Somalia should be the prime concern in stabilizing Somalia.

He called on the international community to provide the necessary support to ensure durable peace in Somalia.

Moller, who is in Addis Ababa to attend the African Union meeting, is a member of a task force established by the European Union to stop piracy.