16/03/09 (B490) Hiraan online avec APA – Les milices Al Shebaab découvrent un charnier avec 13 corps dans une base qui avait été occupée par les armées éthiopiennes. // Somali militants discover 13 dead bodies from former Ethiopian army base (En Anglais)

Al Shabab hardliners who control most of southern Somali regions on Saturday discovered the bodies of 13 dead civilians from a compound out side Baidoa which formerly housed hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers before leaving Somalia in mid January this year.

Ali yusuf Ahmed a resident in Baidoa told APA by phone that journalists and local elders were invited to the former factory of Hasey about 4 kilometers east of Baidoa to view the bodies.

Al-Shabab spokesman, Sheik Muqtar Robow Ali affectionately known as Abu Mansur told reporters that the enemies of Islam are behind the massacre.

“As you can see they have cruelly killed our brothers and this is the same thing jointly done by the governments of Somalia, Ethiopia and the greatest Satan of the world (the United States) and we vow in front of you that they will not escape from the punishment of our hands,” Al-Shabab spokesman said.

He called on the Mujahideens to investigate other compounds used by Ethiopian soldiers to look for other dead people that may have been killed during the Ethiopian occupation for the past two years.

“The other African forces in Mogadishu are not different from Ethiopians and there may be some other slain innocent civilians inside their camps, so I call on residents in Mogadishu to be vigilant at all times so that they can save themselves from those enemy soldiers who remain in the capital,” Abu Mansur added.

He said that his Mujahideens will fight on until Somalia will be free from what he called the occupation of enemy soldiers including the African Union peace keepers in Somalia capital.

The number of AU troops in Somalia was due to reach up to 8,000 strong-forces, but currently there are 3,450 soldiers from Uganda and Burundi, the sole countries who fulfilled their promise to send peace keepers to the lawless horn of African nation.