12/04/09 (B494) Un lecteur nous demande de publier le communiqué en anglais du principal parti somalilandais (Kulmiye Party) d’opposition au régime (Somaliland)sur la situation dans le pays.

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En introduction, notre lecteur signale une vidéo diffusée sur YouTube où le Président somalilandais actuel est accusé de crimes de guerre.
(Notre association n’ayant pas vocation à interférer dans la politique des pays frontaliers de Djibouti, nous nous limitons à donner l’information, sans n’émettre aucun avis à ce sujet)

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________________________________________ Communiqué


We, KULMIYE, the main opposition party in Somaliland, are concerned about the current political situation in Somaliland and make the following statement.

We condemn the government’s crack down on hundreds of our supporters who marched peacefully in Hargeisa yesterday to protest Mr. Dahir Rayaale’s plans to unlawfully extend his term of office as the president of Somaliland, which constitutionally ended yesterday. The police forces fired guns to stop our supporters from taking part in the protest. And, in the city of Berbera, the government arrested several KULMIYE party officials.

We also regret that Mr. Rayaale has imposed stringent measures interfering press laws and Journalistic work. In March, the Independent Radio Horyaal reporter, Mr. Ahmed Suleiman Doholl was arrested without charges and the Editor of the Yool newspaper, Mohamed A Guled ‘Curad’ was given a custodial sentence for being critical of the government policy.

We raise our deep concerns at Mr. Rayaale’s conduct in relation to the above as well as his systematic delays of the presidential election in order to remain in power for unlimited period of time.

We are worried that Mr. Dahir Rayaale’s desire to hang onto power beyond his term increases the likelihood of Somaliland entering into a political crisis that may put the country’s security and democratic process at risk- the two greatest achievements of the people of Somaliland.

KULMIYE will not let Mr. Rayaale to take these achievements away from our nation and therefore we are determined to continue our protest in order to make sure that free and fair elections do take place in Somaliland; that the democratic principles are upheld; and that a consensus is reached on areas where our constitution is unclear.

KULMIYE rejects Mr. Rayaale’s intentions of unilaterally extending his tenure and calls for an inclusive consultation to discuss and agree on an appropriate interim administration.

KULMIYE is ready to take part in a free and fair election held at the earliest possible time agreed by the national election commission and the political parties.

We note that immediate improvements are required to ensure that civil and political rights are respected and that the electoral process is allowed to be free from interferences.

We call on Mr. Rayaale to refrain from violence and provocations. Harassing our supporters and terrorising our party officials and leaders are unacceptable. Equally important is the respect for the inalienable rights of assembly of peaceful demonstrators.

We believe that continuation of arrests of KULMIYE supporters will only exacerbate the situation.

Finally, we hold Mr. Rayaale accountable for any loss of life by Somaliland citizens as a result of his denial of their fundamental civil and political rights enshrined in the constitution.

We call on the nation as a whole to keep calm in this difficult period.

Dr. Mohamed A Omar
Foreign Affairs Secretary
Republic of Somaliland