15/11/09 (B525) Nouvelles de Somalie (2 articles en Anglais)

________________ 2 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

De nouveaux combats violents entre clans rivaux à Mogadiscio avant le retour au calme. // Heavy fighting starts in Mogadishu, calm returns

Fighting between the Islamist fighters and African Union troops AMISOM started around Kulliyadda Jale Si’ad, a large base for the Burundians forces in Mogadishu overnight, just as calm returned in areas where the clashes broke out in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Residents said that the fighting continued for a while as the rival sides exchanged heavy gunfire during the clashes which also caused all streets around the area to be blockaded.

Witnesses told Shabelle radio that the movement of the traffic and people was reopened on Sunday morning adding that there were more people who displaced from those neighborhoods earlier and recently returned and met new clashes overnight.

No casualties of civilians were reported so far though the new returnees expressed concern about the fighting between AMSOM troops and the Islamist fighters in Mogadishu.

There are no comments from the warring sides and the situation of the war zones returned normal and the clashes between the Islamist fighters and AMISOM troops comes as there had no been any fighting in the capital recently.

By: Hassan Osman Abdi

________________ 1 – Shabelle (En Anglais)

Un ancien maire déclare que les troupes de l’AMISOM ne pourrait jamais rétablir le calme et la stabilité en Somalie. // Former mayor ‘AMISOM troops can not restore peace and stability in Somalia’

Mohamed Omar Habeb known as ( Mohamed Dere ), the former mayor of the transitional government for Banadir region who is currently in Nairobi Kenya has said in an interiew with Shabelle radio on Saturday that the African Union troops ( AMISOM) cauld not restore the peace and stability in Somalia.

Mr. Mohamed Dere said that the Somalis could only start a crackdown and restore the peace and the stability of the country asserting that the AMISOM troops could not even seperate those who involve the fighting those not involved.

The former mayor nad governor of Banadir region said that there were more Ethiopian and AMISOM troops in Somalia who vailed to make any solution as clashes continued adding that the Somali transitional government troops were those who tried to solve the security of the country reiterating that AMISOM troops could not solve the Somali matters if not operating the Somalia rmy.

 »AMISOM forces can assure only the security of the presidential palace, airport and the seaport of Mogadishu. bot not other ». Mohamed Dere said.

He official also said that TFG will not reach development and governance if it insists the AMISOM troops to keep the main centres of the government in the Somali capital calling that the transitional government is required to capture all districts in Banadir region and all the other regions in Somlia.

Asked about whether he got ride of the Somali political challanges, he replied he was in the Kenyan capital Nairobi to keep his life safety saying that there is no any policy in Somalia adding that he would return to the home country once.

He said each official of the transitional government was kept by a tank indicating that he could not get any tank and so that was why he prefered to live in abroad though he added that he was not one of the law makers of the transtional government.

On the other hand Mohamed Omar Habeb ( Dere), has welcomed the newsly appointed adminstration of the transitional government for Banadir region calling for them to consult and work with the people in Banadir region.

Mohamed Dere was once again asked if he would like the be part of the tranistional government if the governemnt called to him and he set a condition saying that he will only accept a post higher than mayor or governor of Banadir region.

Mohamed Omar Habeb (M. Dere), was the governor of the transitional government in Banadir region in the government of the president Abdullahi Yususf Ahmed and left the office as he was dismissed by the government the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.

By: Hassan Osman Abdi « Fantastic »