28/04/2020 (Brève 1605) Le directeur des D.H. sans Frontières demande au PM éthiopien de ne pas extrader le Lieutenant FOUAD

Grâce à l’intervention de M. Houssein Ibrahim, M; Willy Fautré, directeur des Droits de l’Homme sans frontières à adressé un courrier à M. Abyi Ahmed, Premier Ministre de l’Ethiopie pour lui demander de ne pas extrader vers Djibouti, le Lieutenant Fouad Youssouf.

Nous les remercions tous les deux.
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Human Rights Without Frontiers Int’l
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28 April 2020

From: Willy Fautré, director of Human Rights Without Frontiers (Brussels)

To: Prime Minister of Ethiopia M. Abiy Ahmed

Concerns: Request of Lieutenant Fouad Yousouf Ali for political asylum

Dear Mr Prime Minister,
Last year you received the Peace Nobel Prize, a prestigious award rewarding your long-standing fight for peace and human rights. This is the reason why I am addressing you an urgent request concerning Lieutenant Fouad from Djibouti. He fled to Ethiopia on March 27 in order to seek asylum and protection from political persecution and oppression in his country.

The Djiboutian government has issued a warrant for his arrest and extradition on spurious grounds. Furthermore, his entire family including our mother, brothers, sisters, children have been arrested, interrogated and harassed. These intimidations by the police and the secret services are still ongoing.

According to his lawyer in Addis Abbeba, Lieutenant Fouad has been in the hands of the authorities of your country since April 08.

As long as Lieutenant Fouad is under the protection of your country, his safety is guaranteed.

Lieutenant Fouad did not commit any crime in Djibouti nor in Ethiopia.

This is the reason why we urge you not to extradite him but to urgently grant him the status of refugee.

We trust you as you are committed to human rights.

Do not extradite Lieutenant Fouad.

Best regards.

Willy Fautré