03/10/09 (B519) AFP / Paris maintient pour un temps ses bases militaires à Libreville et Dakar (Info lectrice)

La France, qui entend rationaliser sa présence militaire en Afrique, va cependant y maintenir, pour un temps au moins, ses deux bases permanentes au Gabon et au Sénégal, après avoir envisagé de fermer l’une d’elles.

La France, qui entend rationaliser sa présence militaire en Afrique, va cependant y maintenir, pour un temps au moins, ses deux bases permanentes au Gabon et au Sénégal, après avoir envisagé de fermer l’une d’elles.

Dakar et Libreville figurent parmi les trois bases militaires françaises permanentes en Afrique, avec Djibouti. La Réunion, département français de l’océan Indien, complète le dispositif régional.

Ce dernier évolue sans cesse. Ainsi, M. Morin a-t-il annoncé mercredi que Djibouti, la plus grande base militaire française à l’étranger, pourrait perdre « quelques centaines » d’hommes sur les 2.900 actuels.

Autre exemple: la Côte d’Ivoire, où il n’y a plus de forces permanentes françaises depuis la dissolution du 43e bataillon d’infanterie de marine en juin et où il ne reste plus que 900 hommes au titre de l’opération Licorne. Ils étaient près de 5.000 lors de la crise de 2004.

03/10/09 (B519) The report Deberkalleh (continued – 10 -) II. Socio-Economic Analysis

Le dossier complet

Complaint filed with the Attorney Ethiopia for the murder of old people and children to Guerrissa Afar and the surrounding communities (related article – 2005)

(Link – 2005)

II. Socio-Economic Analysis

Second part – § 10

To get an idea and come to understand the socio-economic chaos in which the Republic of Djibouti is facing should our readers know, it is characterized by not taking into consideration the existing power of concepts like :

• National Economy …
• Finance, Public Goods and money …
• Program Development National …
• Rational and equitable distribution of wealth in the country …

All these concepts and many other equally important and have voluntarily abandoned the plan, having in common to be essential and unavoidable for the proper functioning of a macro-economic standard of a country, allow our readers to understand easily that this country and its people find themselves in a socio-economic harder.

Reveals poor governance, this context is not only characterized by a flagrant breach of the rules and maintained legal management of the national economy, finance and public funds from the state officials designated for that purpose, but also by endemic corruption based on the appropriation of revenue and income of the country and the expansion of the phenomenon of poverty and insecurity in the majority of the population of Djibouti.

This situation exists and persists for many years, because some factors involved in its creation, back to the early years of independence is exacerbated during the last years of the reign of former President Hassan Gouled and c is degraded squarely under the chairmanship of IOG to lead to corrupt management, personal, family and legalization of the national economy.

This management has no other purpose than personal enrichment of the ruling family and an insignificant amount of the population (500 to 800 families from all tribes and loyal to the regime), ignores the needs, conditions of life and desire for equitable economic development of the rest of the population but constitutes an absolute majority.

For the latter, this situation causes a number of adverse consequences which it currently finds itself in a position to seek only to survive.

That said, and on a purely technical, a summary analysis allows everyone to realize that this state of things that resulted primarily from the political regime and guidance given to operators unjust socio-economic impact by Presidency and IOG

This to ensure the sustainability of such a management system which provides such substantial income, established for the entire country, a management-oriented economic research to fraud and monopolization of resources and national income by those to whom it is permitted by the regime (and nomenklatura officials) at the expense of legal social distribution is concerned that all segments of society.

Also be aware that such a system which takes over the management of a mafia organization is able to graft and grow in Djiboutian society because on one hand, it is favored by the regime and on the other hand, it is considered abandonment and wanted by the state bodies (and sometimes on incentives on firm guidance scheme IOG) rules and regulations governing the legal protection and the rational and equitable use of property and income of the nation.

Another aspect of this management method generalized to the entire country, is that it is totally centralized in the Presidency, as well as the activities of political, administrative, military, … etc.. Indeed, again, we can say that no matter no major economic or financial transaction (Private or Public) committing funds and investment of large and medium-size can not be concluded in Djibouti without the approval of direct or indirect SDS. and its chief IOG

That is why a person who wants the business to legally do good business (illegal business also is not denied) must first « show their credentials » and be registered on the lists of the SDS (pay the tithe or percentage). It may also be asked this person to take office a designated partner (with no investment on his part) and who can share it with the profits generated. If that person, for one reason or another, refuses to these guidelines or do not respond favorably to conditions set by the service, there is no doubt he will be out of question to expect a bargain music .
Worse, you can be sure that the personal funds that the person has invested in a private capacity, it will be purely and simply abducted and removed by methods that have nothing to envy to those of the American mafia in the 1930s and 1950s.

And, if she would undertake legal action to recoup, that person can be sure and certain that not only she does not recover at all, but it would be very lucky if she was doing without extent of imprisonment in the prison of Gabode.

Indeed, the economic policy implemented by the current regime, is nothing but a series of fraudulent financial transactions and illegal, which follow the day to day and are based on a family run and patronage of all national resources and the illegal appropriation of all economic structures capable of producing regular income.

In this vein we must also know that in this country, there is no economic development project, whatever that may initiate or complete without the ruling family and its clients n ‘personal benefit first. This means that only the leaders and their supporters have the right to actually enjoy the economic benefits associated with projects of socio-economic development proposed and funded by international agencies of the United Nations.

In addition, these types of practices had become so commonplace and impunity has reached enormous proportions, the result is currently impossible situations have imagined a few years ago. In fact, Djibouti, all measures taken under the administration of finance and economy by the national assembly, never go into force and are never enforced by the authorities concerned, if they do not meet expectations and do not benefit primarily to interest groups mentioned earlier.

On a completely different level, I.O.G. still within its official method for managing and enhancing and increasing its exploration and research opportunities to satisfy his thirst for money since his accession to power, encouraged the increase in Djibouti, the Arab investment from all other foreign investment.

This corresponds to the reorientation of its overall policy toward the Arab world in recent years find all observers of the situation in Djibouti and is largely why there since taking power in a significant increase investment from the Arabian Peninsula in many cases commercial Djiboutian.

As an indication, he should know that these corporations are owned in large part, or to Djiboutian traders who pass for the financial or the leaders of the Islamist movement in the country, or to businessmen and companies which have direct and privileged links with the regime and who really belong to the ruling family through the system of nominees.

But for us, no doubt arises on the fact that these foreign funds whose origin is doubtful for the most part and very little legal, does not disturb any IGO, but seem rather to have a preference, probably because all financial transactions thereto, never pass through official channels and regulatory status. Usually in these types of cases, IOG has one priority which is to perceive that the faster of the financial support and its support.

Indeed it is a financial case totally illegal and wrong on the international level, such as money laundering, illicit arms and drugs or other financial misconduct that has the usual conduct, he does not hesitate to assume and take a percentage consistent and higher than that normally he would return. By cons it is a matter that can not hide from the public and includes a written agreement beforehand, he is generally satisfied to take his hand, without of course, pay nothing in accounts of national treasure.

His motto is:

• Make the most benefit to a personal or family on the back of the state without accountability and above all without leaving traces.
• Partner with Arab interests officially for reasons related to the orientation of its policy toward Muslim countries in a personal and family interests.
• By this he seeks to show that Djiboutians that direction is the one to follow for the future and development.
• Avoid at all costs, private investment or public from Ethiopia because if that happens, this country is the main user of the port of Djibouti, have a say on the management and all port activities. And for a number of reasons related to his personal gain and contrary to the interests of both countries, it did not really interest IGO
• Providing false rational explanation on the commercial and political choice, not only to Ethiopia but also to Djibouti (it would, by that decision saved the country’s independence against imperialism Ethiopians) to advancing a false pretext on the best terms and the importance of investment in the company of Jebel Ali against the Ethiopian proposal. This propaganda Anti-Ethiopian Government of Djibouti.

That said, certain nonpublic information, we have found that the company said: Jebel Ali is nothing other than a limited « offshore » whose shareholders are predominantly Arab Peninsula enjoys only 20% of annual profits from the activities of the port of Djibouti. The remaining 80% return of fact and largely IOG and their accomplices in power. To save face and not, still focus on them, the attention of the population, they annually pay a fraction of their profits to the national treasury.

However, with reference to the profits generated by the port in 1999 (which are known), who were of the order of 9 billion francs Djibouti, one can get a better idea on what the contract relates to IGO

While Jebel Ali on cash benefits annual sum of 1.8 billion francs, which corresponds to its 20% stake, and that 3 billions are used to pay the annual amount of the port, there is a $ 4 2 millard francs which falls directly into the personal accounts of IOG And even if reverse the national treasure 1 and 2 billions, it makes him, though, a huge profit each year.

Moreover, it is noted that the activities of the port having greatly increased over the last three years (2000 to 2002), the figures for these benefits must be logical, too, revised upward.

To complete this issue of the personal management of port activities by IGOs must also take into account the benefits he derives from activities of private port operators (Maritime Agencies, Transit Agencies, Agency Handling, etc. … .) some of which belong to himself or to his family and that others would regularly pay a tithe (a percentage). And always in the same context, it should not forget that the new private security service which this year took over supervision of the entire infrastructure of the port of Djibouti, is directly under the responsibility of his wife and SDS .

And it is obvious that this situation is very convenient to ensure the secrecy of the benefits and especially the success of various illicit trafficking of this case to or coming from Europe, Arab countries or southern Somalia the benefit of the GNT These financial transactions and fraudulent misconduct by law are, IOG, those that generate the largest profits because they are based on the purchase, transportation, transshipment, transit and sale of products and materials prohibited or severely restricted internationally through treaties and conventions ratified by all countries.

These cases are also very important for the dictator Djibouti because the contacts and trade relations and human resources they bring him provide frank and strong loyalties and complicity durable and steadfast in what might be called as the various networks Mafia both regionally and globally.

This state of things, which for a country like Djibouti is very difficult to conceive, yet the truth is the strictest and most compelling (all foreign intelligence services based in Djibouti are aware of these shenanigans). Note that this reflects the personality of IOG who make an illicit affair has become almost second nature to him.

By way of example and also multiple trafficking of arms to Somalia or the operations of legalization (laundering) of considerable amounts of black money from Europe or the Arab countries include the very strong support ( which actually conceals an association) IGO. network of the Italian mafia in the region of the Horn of Africa.

Represented by Mr. Gianni Djibouti, Patron of the Society Savir (also associated with IOG society transit Djibouti 2000) and Consul of Italy in this country. This network traffic with its representatives in Ethiopia through the trucks transporting the shipping company Djibouti 2000. When leaving Addis Ababa and they return empty on Djibouti, the trucks transporting fraudulent certain products legally prohibited and they come from Ethiopia. We will stop there on the examples that ultimately become more than just anecdotes, so there has to Djibouti, and so these trades have become commonplace.

To complete these fraudulent financial transactions, important for IOG and their majorities, have the Djibouti port framework for action and transit, we must know that they allow it to ensure full and effective policy development and promotion of business interests of some Arabs who actually are only the visible part of the will of penetration, expansion and activity of religious movements Muslim supporters of radical Islam in the region.

In conclusion on this phenomenon of hoarding and diversion of staff main instrument of the national economy, we can only see qu’IOG being fully satisfied with the results of this assembly. Again and under cover of this company will still put up a personal management to the detriment of the nation of Djibouti. Indeed, while these financial arrangements are implemented and that the resulting profits are reaped and harvested, it should not lose sight that the people of Djibouti is located him in a state of absolute necessity and that officials suffer from 8 to 9 months behind in their monthly emoluments.

As I specified at the beginning of this chapter, this situation is unimaginable that the result of the will of a man who to achieve this state of things, over several years focusing all its efforts, d ‘First of all ruined the main instruments and state departments that their lives could object to its goal. Indeed one of the first operations of IOG was to create chaos on the administrative level.

Hence his first acts of sabotage against what is commonly called the Administration as everyone knows is that something more important for the proper functioning of a state, organization or a modern community. In the case of Djibouti, I.O.G. very quickly and very soon realized that a proper and efficient administration does not really correspond to its objectives and especially its ambition for two reasons:

First, we need to know that the administration Djiboutian who was one of the positive legacies of France was characterized by professionalism and unfailing sense of the state and public affairs pretty high and at the unanimous all the officials of the state. This was largely the result of serious training and the nationalist mindset of those officials as well as overseeing all of the administrative life of the state by former Chief of Staff Presidency Mr. Ismael Guedi Hared.

To IOG, it was at that time a serious rival in the race for power as it had for him the most senior officials of countries that have served under him. Can not let this situation continue and in order to lessen the power of Ismael Gedi, IOG attacked the administration touches using and claiming, falsely, the concept of state security over all officials who bothered or do not share his views and wanted to eliminate the circuit’s administrative status.

Thus, by manipulation, misinformation, threats and false security affairs, he came to remove the intellectual and professional staff applicable to replace them with people he did not majority of Qualification. These people here are generally not convinced of the importance of good administration in the governance of a country, ended as planned IOG, by totally distorting the purpose of laws and administrative regulations of the state. So right now in Djibouti, the state administration is characterized by:

• Deskilling of professional staff
• Endemic corruption practiced so rampant at all levels of government and all ministries.
• Idleness and loss of the sense of state, heads of office and departments.
• The establishment of false results and false conclusions administrative nationally and internationally.
• The introduction into the state administration, reactionary notions, displaced and unproductive as tribalism or clanism.

The other reason I.O.G. did and still does not want a normal administrative system, is its stated intention to illegally monopolize national resources. In fact, administratively, it is important for him to keep the chaos and corruption for the simple reason that adequate administrative and management performance of public affairs, would necessarily include not only its shortcomings in this regard but also all its wrongdoings against the national economy.

Also a good day administration still leave traces and archives in the future will help determine the formal responsibilities of each stakeholder.

Understandably, this does not go and not really in the business sense of IOG The repercussions of this state of affairs are many and go up to reach countries and organizations with which the Republic of Djibouti to working relationships which require the establishment and administrative follow-up seriously. Indeed, there is no doubt that the administrative difficulties that have long characterized the trade with Ethiopia are some of their sources in very bad habits that Djiboutian government has adopted under the impetus of this tyrant (eg : misunderstanding that exists about how to manage the railway Djibouti-Ethiopia).

On another level, to better inform our readers, just to see the problems of misunderstanding that have existed for years between the Government of Djibouti and some agencies of the United Nations as the IMF The latter to carry out the policy of structural adjustment in cooperation with that country, has long been unable to get an accurate idea of the economic reality of Djibouti.

He could not because at first, the regime did not want to be aware of his financial wrongdoing, and he wanted to give time to hide all this and a second time, the system and being responsible up by IOG had become accustomed to tinker and to defy the numbers and statistics in favor of ulterior goals that the regime has set for them.

The chaotic state of Djibouti government and the hoarding and the distortion of the entire economic system of the country must have catastrophic consequences on the population.

Indeed, the current Government has focused its priorities on the economic enrichment of the nomenklatura and the establishment and maintenance of a huge budget-security service, and totally neglects not concerned virtually state of social structures normally in all countries of the world participates in the stewardship of a nation and reflects the concerns and efforts that a government should be for the well being and social development of its people.

Thus, in Djibouti as the Ministries of National Education, Health or the National Labor are completely disorganized and inoperable. Although closely related to the daily concerns of the population, the Djiboutian government gives them no importance and it turns very often and officially much of budgets allocated to it earlier this year.

03/10/09 (B519)  Radio-Trottoir : Palais de l’Escale sous Haute Tension (HT) Danger de Mort : qui s’approche risque-t-il, quels que soient ses mérites et fonction d’être définitivement électrocuté ?

En cette période où les amerloques s’amusent à financer la démocratie en favorisant directement et sans le cacher, la réélection à vie d’un dictateur minable, l’air du Palais de l’Escale est secoué par des turbulences électriques qui font peur.

Depuis une semaine ce sont scandale sur scandale.

L’arrestation d’Hassan Saïd !!!
Dimanche dernier, le 27 septembre 2009, le Chef du Cabinet militaire d’IOG, patron en second (sous les ordres d’IOG) de la Piscine Djiboutienne chargé de la Sécurité intérieure et extérieure, le Colonel en civil Hassan Saïd dit « Madowe », qui se rendait à son Bureau au Palais de l’Escale s’est vu arrêté par la Garde Présidentielle dite Garde Républicaine.

Très énervé par ces manières peu conformes à la haute image que le personnage à de lui-même, il est descendu immédiatement de son véhicule pour enguirlander ces jeunes bérets rouges irresponsables et recrutés sans le tas.

A peine étati-il descendu de son véhicule semi-blindé, que le Colonel Mohamed Djama Doualeh, le tireur d’élite de la Garde Présidentielle(*) est sorti du Bureau de garde à deux pas de la grille d’entrée bardée de caméras hyper sensibles.

Tranquillement, les mains sur la hanche, il a ordonné à ses soldats de mettre Hassan Saïd au cachot s’il continuait à brailler comme cela.

Inimaginable : la réponse d’Hassan Said a été fulgurante. Il est parti « bille en tête ». Au passafe il a bousculé les commandos pourtant bien entraînés par la Légion Etrangère Française et par les Marsouins américains.

Toujours vrai, au passage, il a failli boxer le Colonel Mohamed Djama, mais ce dernier a réussi à esquiver de justesse un coup qui aurait pu lui être fatal.

Ce sont les appels de Nimac Sterling, une archiviste anglophone chevronnée qui ont donné l’alerte au Palais. Hassan Madowe, le Colonel en civil du Cabinet militaire d’IOG a été relâché après que le Colonel Omar ait dégainé son revolver pour lui dire (les yeux dans les yeux) : « la prochaine fois, tu auras une balle entre le deux yeux ».


Le Ministre Ali Abdi échappe de justesse à un décret d’expulsion vers le Somaliland

Mardi 29 septembre 2009, le Conseil des Ministres s’est déroulé dans un climat hautement électrique.

On se souviendra qu’aussitôt les fêtes anniversaires de l’Indépendance, le Ministre de l’Intérieur avait menacé le Ministre des Télécommunications et de l’Information, (suite au limogeage du Directeur de la RTD, le demi frère de Yassin Elmi Bouh), de l’expulser vers Hargeisa (au Somaliland).

Pour cette rentré, tous les ministres s’attendaient à ce qu’il soumette un Décret d’expulsion ou d’interdiction de séjour du Ministre Ali Abdi.

Rien n’étonne plus les Djiboutiens même pas les faux documents fabriqués de toute pièce par un Ministre, grand expert en désinformation et en intoxication.

Guelleh était décomposé. Son front était totalement ravagé par l’inquiétude et le manque de Sécurité qu’il éprouve même dans l’enceinte du Palais de l’Escale, en principe ultra-sécurisée,

Il est vrai que la rixe entre les deux plus hauts responsables de sa propre Sécurité, suivie de menaces de mort, l’a beaucoup affecté et il a compris qu’il n’était plus aussi en sécurité qu’il le pensait autrefois.

En conséquence,
aucun Décret d’expulsion n’a été proposé.

Ouf ! Ali Abdi restera avec nous à Djibouti. D’ailleurs, il ne connaît personne à Hargeisa .


Caricature de Roger Picon
Septembre Noir pour les Jeunes des Quartiers Populaires : 189 condamnation de jeunes en toute illégalité et en pleine nuit !!!

Mercredi 30 septembre 2009, une centaine de mères de famille se sont rendues au Palais de l’Escale pour manifester contre la condamnation abusive, illégale et démesurée de leurs enfants mineurs.

Rappelons que ces jeunes ont
tous été condamnés dans le plus grand secret, sans que leur défense ne soit assurée par un avocat.

Pire que cela, la sentence a été prononcée en pleine nuit !

Ces jeunes ont tous écoppé de six mois de prison ferme.

Qu’avaient-ils donc fait de si répréhensible ?

Ils avaient manifesté contre les pannes d’électricité à répétition (EDD), contre les coupures d’au potable (ONED) qui se prolongent parfois durant plusieurs jours.

On dit que l’ONED est en proie à de grandes difficultés, car les nappes phréatiques auraient été polluées par les constructions sauvages qui se sont développées avec la bénédiction des « foulous (**)

En dépit de cela, les jeunes continuent de se révolter contre l’augmentation de la vie. Les fournitures scolaires et autres inscriptions dans les écoles ont atteint des sommes inaccessibles pour eux. Et en plus, ils dénoncent avec bravoure et courage, la condamnation abusive des autres mineurs

Les mamans RPPistes ont été relâchées immédiatement, tandis qu’une quarantaine de mères de famille respectables sont toujours à Nagad. (Mais elles ne sont pas RPP …)

Les vaillants manifestants utilisent des cailloux : dans la plupart des cas ce sont des enfants de 11 à 16 ans.

A cause de ces absurdités commises par un Régime aux abois, ces mineurs vont rater leur année scolaire au CES ou au Lycée.

De toutes les façons, peu importe au régime et surtout à son Chef qui n’a qu’une idée en tête : faire croire qu’un immense soutien populaire le porte à un troisième mandat.

Peu lui importe à ce Chef totalement décrédibilisée que ces jeunes rejoiegnent la cohorte actuelle des 85% de chômeurs avec les risques de chuter dans le cercle de la délinquance, parfois et même souvent à la solde des Administrations de la répression.

Ces 189 jeunes condamnés, selon le tarif syndical d’Haramous en vigueur, à six mois de prison ferme, sont détenus arbitrairement, mais surtout dans des conditions de Tortures Physiques et Morales au sein de la sinistre prison de Gabode.

Gabode est surpeuplée.

L’Ambassade des Etats Unis va-t-elle accorder un financement complémentaire sur le fonds pour la Démocratie pour financer rapidement la construction d’une nouvelle prison à proximité du Camp Lemonnier. Cette nouvelle prison devrait permettre d’assurer l’accueil des condamnés dont le nombre devrait connaître une sérieuse augmentation dans les prochaines semaines : fin de régime oblige !

Haramous voit partout des complots contre son projet d’ élections anticipées qui assurerait à Bobard 1er, le troisième mandat anticonstitutionnel et impopulaire.

Au fait d’où proviennent ces fuites pour un troisième mandat ?

IOG ne sait plus à quel saint se vouer.


La Police tire à balles réelles sur des jeunes manifestants : au moins un mort et des blessés graves.

Toujours, dans la nuit du mercredi 30 septembre 2009, d’autres manifestations spontanées de jeunes ont éclaté dans différents quartiers de la capitale.

La Police a tiré à balle réelle au quartier six (6) tuant un manifestant. un autre serait dans le coma, une dizaine d’entre eux ont été blessés plus ou moins grièvement.

Parallèlement, après 30 ans, la RTD continue de diffuser un communiqué des Islamistes Djiboutiens sous la coupole camouflée d’Ismaël Tani.

Ismaël Tani est le chef spirituel des Frères Islamistes les plus durs, fonction qu’il cumule avec celle de Directeur du Cabinet d’IOG au sein même du Palais de l’Escale. Il pratique son « art », dans le strict souvenir des massacres du Septembre Noir des Palestiniens en 1970, commis par les Forces Jordaniennes.

Les Communiqués des Islamistes Djiboutiens s’en prennent discrètement aux « sionistes Juifs ».

L’Histoire récente a toujours prouvé, que les Islamistes « de Salon » qui ne fréquentent que les grand hôtels internationaux comme le Kempeski et le Sheraton de Djibouti n’interviendront jamais pour réduire les souffrances des Peuples Palestiniens et Somalis.

Votre Représentant A. le Wadani

(*) Le Colonel Mohamed Djama Doualeh s’était illustré en ordonnant à ses troupes de tirer à balles réelles sur les démobilisés et les blessés qui manifestaient pour obtenir le paiement de leurs pensions.
Foulous : expression arabe pour désigner l’argent sale de la corruption. Surnom donné au Ministre de l’Urbanisme et de l’Habitat.

04/10/09 (B519)  Complainte N° 6 ( 1ère partie). GOROYO / Personnalité d’IOG et sa politique de l’autruche ».

Notre correspondant nous a adressé deux nouvelles complaintes de sa composition, que nous mettons en ligne en deux temps. Aujourd’hui, le premier et le deuxième dès mardi matin. Nous l’en remercions vivement.


Je vous envoie une nouvelle série de complaintes .

L’ensemble s’intitule « goroyo », et il est en deux parties.

Les complaintes dénoncent la politique excécrable de IOG, l’injustice organisée pour soutenir sa politique et la mise a la « diète » volontaire de la population. La population est affamée uniquement parce que le « Chef » est persuadé, dans sa lâcheté, qu’il peut ainsi mieux dominer le pays et son peuple.

GOROYO partie 1
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