31/12/04 (B278) Pour plaire à l’Erythrée, Guelleh extrade illégalement (en dépit des lois internationales) des militaires erythréens réfugiés à Djibouti, en dépit des risques de torture et d’exécution les concernant. Pire encore, parmi les extradés …. il y a un ressortissant djiboutien !!! Appel à la communauté internationale (Informations en Anglais)



Mahmud Ahmed-Shehim

(birth-register-no. C635) was born
in Moulhouli/Djibouti at 1983. But his
whole family lives in Asseb in Eritrea. End of 1996 he is going to visit
his family in Asseb and stay for some months. In the year 1997 he must
join the Eritrean military service. Because his family lives there in
Eritrea, he accepts to join the military service.

Since 1997 he is in the
Eritrean Army. He also must join the war against Ethiopia from 1998 up to
2000. In the June 2000 he was heavy injured. Since that he can not see with
the left eye and he has at the whole body garnet-fragments under the skin.

After the war was over,
he still must join the military service. He tried to request several times
his dismissal from the army, because his health was not really well. However
he did not have success. Also its right eye became ever worse and there was
nor medical service available.

As he stays in Asseb,
high militaries asked him, whether he would like to come with them to Djibouti,
because they want to request asylum in Djibouti. Because he has the nationality
of Djibouti and his health is getting more worse, he decided also to go oneself
to Djibouti.

On Sunday, 26.12.2004
in the morning they start in Asseb, in total 4 people drive – two high of
military, the Chauffeur Steve Salomon and Mahmud Ahmed Shehim – of Asseb to
direction Djibouti. It was able for them to drive until the arrive in the
city of « Haju » in Djibouti.

In Haju they all were
arrested by the Djibouti military, although they asked clearly for political-asylum.
They also mentioned to the Djiboutian authorities, that if they return them
back to Eritrea, they will punished by death-penalty. Also Mahmud Ahmed Shehim
investigated, that he has the Djiboutian nationality, they arrested him.

On the next day in the
night at 3 am, the Djiboutian army bound them on arm and feet and take them
to Mulhele, at the border to Eritrea. The Eritrean army is waiting there for
them all and take them from the Djiboutian army back to Eritrea. Actually
nobody knows, where they are and if they are still alive.

So our general question about this difficulties is: « How could it be
possible, that a democratic-government, like the Djibouti government, send
political-refugees back to their country, even they must know the bad situation
for soldiers in Eritrea. The government did nothing hear about human-rights
? Even they send back one of their own nationalities !!! This is really unacceptable