20/04/05 (B294) Djibouti est classé désormais, comme un pays à haut risque par l’agence de sécurité israelienne. Israêl conseille ses ressortissants d’éviter de voyager à Djibouti. Selon la NSC (The National Security Council ), Djbouti est classé parmi les pays arabes au risque le plus élevé. (Info lecteur en Anglais)

National Security Council Issues Terror Warnings For Israelis Travelling Abroad

April 17, 2005 / 8 Nisan 5765

The National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Staff has issued travel warning,
advising Israelis to refrain from visiting most Arab countries.

All Arab
countries except Mauritania are included in the travel warning list and it
is recommended not to visit, or stay in, any of them.

Arab countries
with Basic Threat Level are: Oman, Comoros Islands, Kuwait, Libya and the
United Arab Emirates.

Arab countries
with Concrete Threat Level are: Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Qatar (excluding
Doha), Djibouti and Morocco.

Arab countries
with High Threat Level are: Egypt (including Sinai), Jordan, Syria, Sudan,
Somalia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen.

It was
also recommended to refrain from visiting Tajikistan, Nigeria, Indonesia,
Pakistan, Malaysia, Kenya, Afghanistan and Iran.

in Bangkok were warned to avoid Koa San Road and the area around it. Those
in northern Nigeria were told to stay below 10 degrees latitude and those
in southern Thailand were advised to avoid Krabi – Thammarati and south –
to the border with Malaysia.

A high
threat level was reported in the Indian Kashmir region, Mindanao island in
the Philippines and Chechnya.