12/01/06 (B332-B) Communiqué de l’Association Afar en Angleterre à l’occasion de la fête de l’Aïd. (En anglais)


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As the Islamic World & Muslim Communities welcomes the advent of Eid El Ad’ha,

I would like to take this greet opportunity to extend to the Afar & Islamic World my heartfelt congratulations, along with my best wishes for good health and happiness. I see this auspicious occasion, which shows Muslims the values of sacrifice, obedience to God, and self-denial, as an opportunity for them to realize the strength of their unity and of the bonds of solidarity that unite them. May Allah The Almighty show us, as leaders and peoples, the right path in our endeavour to attain further economic and social development and prosperity for our people and to safeguard their land, dignity, identity and heritage.


Mr. Abdou Youssouf
President of Afar Community Association in UK