22/04/07 (B392-A) BBC : Huit otages éthiopiens, qui avaient été “capturés” en même temps que des européens qui travaillaient dans les services diplomatiques anglais à Addis Abeba, ont été libérés. Eight Ethiopian hostages released. (En Anglais – info lectrice)

Ethiopians who were kidnapped last month alongside five Europeans in the northern
Afar region have been released in neighbouring Eritrea.

The Europeans were released 12 days after the group was abducted
at gunpoint, but nothing had been heard of the Ethiopians until now.

The Ethiopian authorities had accused Eritrea of being behind the abductions,
but Asmara had strenuously denied this.

The Afar region is one of the hottest, most remote places on earth.

The release of the Westerners – three Britons, a French woman and an Italian
woman with dual citizenship – was negotiated by Afar elders who handed them
over to Eritrean authorities.