28/08/08 (B462-B) Press TV / 12 soldats sont tués au cours d’une attaque des islamistes portées contre les forces somaliennes et éthiopiennes. 12 soldiers killed in Mogadishu (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Twelve soldiers have been killed in Somalia after insurgents attacked Somali and Ethiopian troops south of Mogadishu, a report says.

Anti-Ethiopian groups attacked government forces and their Ethiopian supporters at Shirkole and Gashandhiga bases south of Mogadishu killing 12 soldiers, a Press TV correspondent in Somalia reported.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Ethiopians have lost two military vehicles in the attack.

There has been no immediate report about the casualties of the anti-government groups.

The latest violence follows Sunday’s attack in southern Somalia where Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) fighters killed at least 53 Marehan clan militiamen.

The almost daily clashes between government forces and insurgents have claimed at least 6000 lives in the past year alone.