25/10/10 (B575) The true face of IOG / Le vrai visage d’IOG (Contribution en Anglais qui nous est adressée par un lecteur)

After watching that new documentary, I really saw a new side of IOG, i’ve never seen before.

This guy sold his soul to the devil to come to power.

Even if he did not kill that judge he definitely knew something and was somehow involved about those kids getting raped by these french !

He was the chief spy for the Hassan Gouled regime and was aware of every little thing that was happening in Djibout at the time. Did you see in the documentary that « Gendarmes of Djibouti » were forcing and providing these kids to these French assholes.

They even implied indirectly « we knew what they were doing but we turned a blind eye ». Judge Borrel died to bring not only the French but also the Djibouti officials who perpetrated these crimes to Justice. People wake up and read between the lines, something bigger than murder happened here.

Lets open an investigation of our own in Djibouti and bring to justice those who were reponsable for these atrocities starting with the people on top who committed these despicable crimes against innocent children.

The French government should do the same and pursue IOG not only for murder but also for these unspeakable horrors. No matter how they tried to spin this documentary it opened the eyes of the people of Djibouti and showed them the true face of IOG and how he came to power.