26/04/11 (B601) Communiqué du groupe " THE PEOPLES NATIONAL REVOLUTION FORCE FOR DEMOCRACY (Info lecteur – En Anglais) pour dénoncer les dérives du régime de Guelleh et son auto-proclamation pour un 3ème mandat illégal.

A totalitarian dictator benefited from the smallness of its country like Djibouti where there are no life opportunities and other necessary to live in the towns and villages in the regions which are aged over 120 years except the Djibouti city where the totalitarians dictator has monopolized everything from the smallest and to the biggest government and non government activities which make impossible to get a bread without its permission and knowledge that make it feel proud to act and speak without conscience and care whatever the consequences may be.

The Djiboutian community has not been expecting the totalitarian dictator to respect and comply with its oath and pledge to the constitution, to the community and to the international call and consensus urging African leaders to refrain from changing or amending their countries constitution in order to prolong their governance periods after the two terms periods ends .

But the Djiboutian community are aware that after the end of the cold war, dictators have no place to hide and believe the big democratic countries of the world and the democratic counties of IGAD would not accept the emergence of an autocratic governance at this millenieum, where democracy has became the only language of the world and would force every totalitarian dictator to abide the country s constitution in order to avoid civil war, .instability, destructions and promote developmental programmes.

Convinced with the silence and non- intervention of the democratic counties due to lack of baseless illegibility beside globalization,.

Convinced that the problem is a Djiboutian community problem that needs a Djiboutian community solution.

– Being aware about the total rejection and none acceptance of free and fair election requested in the 9 (nine) points submitted by the opposition parties during his so-called second (2nd) term candidacy which he presented himself and run alone,

– Being aware about the huge boycott of the people to his so-called 2nd term election which even his ministry of interior declared the abstention of 58% of the total registered voters.

– Convinced by his present auto-proclamation for 3rd term presidential candidacy which is against the constitution

– Convinced by the illegal importation of over 100,000 foreign immigrants mostly from Somalia and issued the Djiboutian nationalities in order to subjugate the rights and voices of the legal citizens.