17/08/08 (B461) Shabelle / Des forces de l’AMISON ont été attaquées près de l’aéroport de Mogadiscio alors qu’elles participaient à des opérations de déminage. Un soldat ougandais a été tué.. AMISOM troops come under attack in de-mine operation near airport (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

AMISOM peacekeeping troops have been attacked near the airport by armed groups as they were making De-mine operation there to dig out suspected roadside bomb near the airport eyewitnesses said.

Several hand grenades were thrown into the site the troops have been checking up where minutes lasted gunfire between the troops and the assailants erupted.

Eyewitnesses reported that they could be blood at the site the troops have been inspecting although it’s yet unknown the causalities of the two sides.

In the operation the troops have given orders the commuters to pass faraway from where they were staying.

In the last attack on the AU troops in Mogadishu a Ugandan AMISOM soldiers was killed in a roadside bomb near the airport as he was hollowing out a bomb that was suspected have been buried there.

An eyewitness said that the AMISOM soldiers have been conducting de-mine operation when the roadside bomb went off as the departed soldier was digging at a site that was suspected buried in bomb.

AMSIOM officials confirmed to Shabelle the death of the soldier.

“The fleshes of the dead soldier on the ground now, its scattered everywhere” eyewitness Yasin Mohamed said.

Another eyewitness Mohamed Ghelle says the bomb went off underneath of AMISOM convoy vehicles from the airport.

The AU currently has some 2,600 peacekeepers deployed in the lawless Horn of Africa nation, a contingent that falls far short of the 8,000 soldiers pledged by the continental body in 2006.

Uganda was the first country to contribute troops and Burundi dispatched its own forces earlier this year.

17/08/08 (B461) Shabelle / Dimanche, de violents combats avec des armes lourdes à Mogadiscio. Fresh fighting rocks Mogadishu district (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Fresh fighting rocked the lawless Somali capital on Sunday as the government troops clashed with armed islamist fighters witnesses said.

Heavy machine guns and rocket fire resounded through streets of bullet-scarred Mogadishu after the two sides have started to fight head to head.

« Rival gunmen are currently fighting vigorously in Dharkenley, » said Osman Mahdi, a taxi driver, adding that hundreds of families were fleeing the two districts as civilians were bearing the brunt of the damage.

« I have seen yet no deaths and was but I heard that People were hit by stray bullets when the violence first started but now most people have taken shelter and others fled” he added.

The fighting has started when armed masked men have additionally opened fire on police checkpoint in the district.

Its yet unknown the casualities of the two warring sides.

17/08/08 (B461) Shabelle / La presque totalité des parlementaires somaliens ont violemment critiqué le massacre de 65 civils par les forces éthiopiennes d’occupation.. MPs describe the killing of 65 civilian as “massacre” (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Nearly all Somali legislative body members have slammed the killing of 65 civilians by the Ethiopian troops in Arbiska area near Afgoi as “massacre”

Speaking to Shabelle radio the first deputy speaker of Somali parliament Mohamed Omar Dalha has stated that it unbearable on the civilians’ mass execution by the Ethiopian troops.

“We shouldn’t not tolerate what the Ethiopians did, we have to not let off them in relation to what (appalling) they did” Dalha said.

Other MPs of the parliament has added that the Ethiopians are carrying out bloodbath in Somalia.

In special meeting on this killing matter held by majority of the MPs they express disapproval regarding the killing of the civilians.

This comes following more than 65 people were killed in Arbiska area after Ethiopian soldiers opened fire on two civilian minibuses on Friday.

The soldiers shot at civilians after a device detonated near their convoy of armored vehicles, destroying one, according to five eyewitnesses who are residents in the area.

The deaths could not be confirmed by either Somali officials or Islamic insurgents.

The Ethiopian military in the country does not make statements to the media.

Ethiopia invaded Somalia in December 2006 to help the United Nations-backed transitional federal government oust an Islamic militia from southern and central parts of the country. Violence between rebels and government troops has intensified since then.

17/08/08 (B461) Shabelle / Le Président du GNT et son Premier Ministre rencontrent l’Union Africaine pour tenter de réchauffer leurs relations personnelles. Somali leaders meet AU in Ethiopia (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and prime minister Nor Hassan Hussein on Friday arrived in Addis Ababa for talks with the African Union, whose plans to pass judgment between the two men after they came to blows for the dismissal of Mogadishu mayor Mohamed Dhere by the PM officials said.

The talks are expected to focus on straighten out the two leader’s heated discussions.

« The president and premier arrived in Addis Ababa. They will just stay in some days and are now holding meeting with the AU, » officials at Somalia’s embassy in Addis Ababa told Shabelle.

They also are holding talks with Ethiopian officials’ in particular military officials.

Yusuf is expected to hold talks with members of the AU’s Peace and Security Council, he explained.

The Saturday meeting came as Ethiopia faced accusations that its troops killed more than 65 civilians inside Somalia to protect the country’s fledgling interim government from the Islamic militia, who say they are only interested restoring law and order there.

The pair held talks « on their squaring off their divergences, » the official who declined to use his name said.

No further details on that meeting are available.

17/08/08 (B461) Shabelle / Un offcier supérieur de la Police somalienne remet sa démission, après avoir reçu plusieurs menaces de mort émanant des islamistes. Top Somali police official resigns (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Abdinasir Guled

A senior police commander has resigned following death threat messages from islamists to him have increased.

Mohamed Subane Mohamed, the second-in-command Commander of Bakol region police forces resigned on Sunday.

Speaking to Shabelle radio from inside police army base in the region, Mr. Mohamed has declared that he resigned for life fear as the islamist groups have additionally attacked the army bases in the region as the troops in the region entirely fled to Baidoa several Times.

« The Somali Government cannot stand firm against the islamists, they warned me and I accepted to leave this dangerous work, » he said.

He slammed the transitional government of Somalia for not doing enough to secure the country.

“They want merely to get hold money in vain, they do nothing for the people” Mohamed said.

A number of soldiers left the base after the resignation of the officer who quited his army post.

Somali government troops face heavy insurgency from islamist fighters and they ousted UIC forces from power with the help of the Ethiopian troops after the islamists have restored law and order in the region they wrestled their control.

16/08/08 (B461) Shabelle Media / Deux violentes explosions visaient ce matin les forces éthiopiennes, sur l’itinéraire de la délégation du Président du GNT et de son P.M. qui se rendent à Addis Abeba, pour tenter d’apaiser leurs divergences. Les Ethiopiens ont ouvert le feu et tué un père et son fils et fait plusieurs blessés dont un enfant / Explosions rock Somali capital, Ethiopian troops kill two (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Two powerful explosions took place this morning between Makka Al Mukarrama Road and the Adan Adde International Airport in Mogadishu as two delegations of the Transitional Federal Government were due to depart [for Djibouti and Ethiopia respectively].

A large number of Ethiopian and Somali troops had by then closed the main road connecting the presidential palace and airport.

The troops restricted the use of the road by public vehicles. Their excuse for the closure was the planned trip by the Somali government leaders.

The government delegation is divided into two – the president and his premier will leave together for Ethiopia where they will attempt to resolve their bitter political dispute. The second group is led by the deputy prime minister, who is also the information minister Ahmad Abdisalan, and is headed for Djibouti to attend a meeting aimed at finalizing a peace agreement signed in Djibouti [between the Somali government and a faction of the opposition Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia]. During the Djibouti meeting, both sides are expected to make proposals that will be tabled in Saudi Arabia [where a final deal is expected to be signed].

Though the road between the presidential palace and airport was closed, two powerful explosions targeting the Ethiopian forces took place. The explosions occurred near Somali Cinema and airport.

The Ethiopian forces opened fire and killed two civilians – a father and his son. They also injured four other people, three of them children.

16/08/08 (B461) Shabelle Media / Les troupes éthiopiennes d’occupation et les forces somaliennes ont tué 40 civils après les avoir sortis de leurs véhicules. Ethiopian, Somali soldiers kill, injure more than 40 Somali civilians: Witnesses (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

Joint government and Ethiopian soldiers shot dead more than 40 civilians after they dismounted them from civilian vehicles in southwestern Mogadishu witnesses and elders said.

It was the latest in a series in which The Ethiopian and Somali troops have killed civilians who have come too close to troops wary of attacks by rebels.

The troops have pulled up civilian vehicles at Arbiska area near Afgoi district ordering the passengers to drop down from the vehicles where some of the handcuffed travelers were shot dead while other were shot dead in the vehicles they were traveling.

« When the vehicle was stopped the soldiers, fearing an attack, arbitrarily fired on it, » it said. The man died later of his wounds.

Dozens others were wounded in that attack those were rushed to Mogadishu hospitals.

No comments could be reached from the government/Ethiopian officials on this incident.

08/08/08 (B460) La marine américaine empêche une attaque de pirates somaliens ( 2 dépêches en Angalis

_______________________________ USA Today

The U.S. Navy says one of its ships stopped pirates who were attacking a merchant ship today off the Somali coast.

In a statement, the Navy says USS Peleliu « responded to a call for help from the merchant vessel Gem of Kilakarai at approximately 7 a.m. when the ship reported it was under attack from armed pirates in two small boats with weapons and rifle-launched grenades. »

The pirates fled; no one was injured.

______________________________ Shabelle

US ship prevents pirates from hijacking commercial ship

The U.S. Navy says it has stopped a pirate attack on a merchant vessel north of Somalia in the Gulf of Aden.

The Navy says the USS Peleliu responded to a call for help from the Gem of Kilakari on Friday morning. The ship said it was under attack from armed pirates as it was traveling to the Suez Canal.

The Navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet said in a statement that the USS Peleliu was about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the Gem of Kilakari when it received the distress call.

The Navy says the suspected pirate ships fled the scene after the USS Peleliu launched three helicopters. The Navy says one grenade landed on the Gem of Kilakari’s bridge wing but didn’t explode, and no injuries were reported.