24/11/08 (B475) Shabelle / Les combattants du Groupe Al Shabbab démentent les accusations selon lesquelles, ils auraient tué des travailleurs humanitaires. // Alshabab snubs aid workers killing after accusations (En Anglais – Info lecteur)

The Alshabab group fight against the Ethiopian allied transitional government has refuted repeated allegations regarding that they behind the killing of the aid workers in the war racked horn of Africa country.

Speaking to hundreds of people in the central town of Guriel officials of the group have described deplorable the horrific acts and the harassments or killings against the aid workers as many people believe that they behind those attacks/killings of the aid workers.

Theyve jointly condemns those acts and they further said it was bad-mannered and out the Islam religion to kill an important person who is assisting millions of deprived population in the war racked country.

They also described themselves as familiar with the prohibiting the off beam acts those are out of the religion.